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We offer a range of 1:1 in person training plans, running clubs and for those further afield we offer online plans. We pride ourselves on our free consultation which allows us to discuss your experience, confidence and how you can best reach your goals with Team Run right. 

Online Running Plans

Whether you are training for an event or wanting to learn to run right, we have you covered. Our online running plans are designed for specific event training (such as a 10k marathon) or ongoing monthly running plans for those wanting to learn to run right.

Personal training

Strength and Conditioning Personal Training sessions based in Reading focused on building strong, powerful and injury free runners.

RUNGA Reading

Our weekly RUNGA class is based in Prospect Park, Reading on Saturdays at 10am. 

RUNGA Reading perfectly balances running and yoga with a focus on fitness and mobility. We welcome all abilities.

RUNGA reading yoga and running club

Team Running Workshops

Our running workshop for teams and groups focuses on improving your fitness, running technique and speed with running drills and core strength exercises. 

We will discuss injury prevention and exercises to keep you strong and safe while running. 

Team running is known to improve teamwork and morale.

Corporate Running Workshops

Our corporate workplace run clubs are designed to improve fitness and wellbeing.

Exercise is proven to improve mood and productivity, creating a team atmosphere and helping to improve relations and teamwork making it an effective workplace activity. 

Get in touch to discuss pricing for your workplace running club! 

Frequently asked questions

No, all plans and PT sessions are bespoke and designed to suit you. We offer a free consultation to decide the best plan for you based on your goals and experience. 

Depending on the severity of your injury, yes. Our ethos is that if you are taught to run correctly then injury should not occur. We offer free consultations where we will discuss your injury and decide if a program or PT is suited to you and work around your injury. We will also advise you on prehab and rehab exercises to help with your injury and prevent further ones. 

Yes, you can do group training to split the costs. In this instance, training will be generalised. For a more detailed personal programme we suggest booking a 1:1 session. 

No. However, we recommend you dedicate a minimum of 2 months to get the most out of your training plan or PT sessions.

Yes, we require for 50% of your total fee to be paid in advance. The remainder can be split in 1, 2 or 3 instalments. 

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