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Kat’s goal was to lose weight, gain fitness and run the Reading half marathon.


A mix of strength, cardio and running.


To lose weight and build muscle tone. We initially started a plan mainly consisting of strength and cardio. After a few months of staying consistent we then moved our focus to training for the Reading half marathon.


Despite the fact this event was called off, we trained all the way up to the event. After this, Kat managed to lose 12kg and dropped 5 minutes off her 5km time.
Kat - running coach in reading


“I first started training with Sam in a bid to lose weight and increase my fitness levels, using a mix of weights and strength training along with Cardio, My overall strength and fitness has improved in such a short space of time. Working with Sam has been great, he has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well-being, our sessions will always be hard work but with an element of fun. Most recently we have focused on running and improving my technique along with my speed, , we discussed my past experiences and hopes for the forthcoming half marathon and trying to achieve a PB. I joined Sam’s Run Club along with a tailored training plan & PT sessions. The variety in the training helps where previously I had focussed on one thing, I really enjoy having structure to my training and someone to support me along the way. Interval & hill runs are now enjoyable……our sessions are set at a level that pushes me but it never feels too much. I am delighted with my progress and fitness levels, I have lost over 20Ibs, I now enjoy running & training more than ever before.”

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